Electronic Cigarettes and the Informed Vaper

As an electronic cigarette user, there is little doubt that you chose to turn to these products because they offer a strong alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Regardless of the debate surrounding any possible health effects, it is probably safe to assume that e-cigarettes provide you with the no odor, no ash, no smoke option you have been searching for.

For the first time since the discovery of tobacco, there is finally an alternative – and you have exercised your right to this alternative.

Protecting Your Right to Vape

You should, however, be aware of the ongoing struggle that the electronic cigarette industry faces. Almost since their inception, e-cigs have sparked  a series of debates and encountered strong opposition from tobacco lobbyists, big tobacco companies and anti-smoking activists.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) reports – on almost  a daily basis – on any number of proposed bills and laws aimed at limiting the use and/or sale of electronic cigarettes.  While some of these laws undoubtedly have credence, many others will end up handicapping the e-cigarette industry, and limit its ability to continue to offer innovative alternatives to the consumer.

The E-cig Revolution is Rooted with You

This is why it becomes important for electronic cigarette users to take a stand. To remain informed on any and all proposed laws and regulations regarding the sell and use of e-cigs. As one of the few legitimate alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are part of a revolution that is just now starting to take root. Laws and legislation based on false or broad-based claims will only serve to kill this revolution before it gets a chance to blossom.

So take a stand, stay informed, and protect you right to choose an alternative. Visit CASA or the blu Cigs blog for the latest news. By remaining up to date on any  changes affecting the industry, you can help protect your right to make an informed and educated decision.

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