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Our blu® rechargeable e-cig kits were designed in the U.S.A. for efficiency and portability, with quality construction and charging options galore. Look below to find out which kit fits your lifestyle.

Why the blu Rechargeable Kit?

If you’ve tried other e-cigs, you may have gotten frustrated with having a dead battery and no way to charge it until you found an outlet. You won’t have that problem here. The blu Pack, included in each blu Rechargeable Kit, is what makes blu® e-cigarettes so special.

It’s all about the pack! No electrical outlet? No problem. You’ll have the freedom to charge your batteries anytime, anywhere with our revolutionary pack. Just drop the battery into the pack, close the lid, and your battery begins charging. PLUS, you get two batteries, so you’ll always have a fresh one. How’s that for convenience?

The pack is also a carrying case for your e-cigarette, blu Tanks™ and flavor cartridges. About the size of a smartphone, the pack fits perfectly into your pocket or purse.

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